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This band photo has been touched up by awesome graphic artist Ivan Chilczuk of CD4 Reproductions               in Hollywood, CA, to give it that smokey effect! It is on the back cover of our debut CD!
Elucidation Band Photo: From Left to Right - Athena Vienna (Co-Songwriter, Lyricist, Lead and Background Vocals), David Escamilla (Drums, Percussion), and Richard Barcellona (Songwriter, Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Lead and Background Vocals, Engineer/Producer)   

Elucidation's Long-Awaited Debut Album/CD 'No Apologies' Now Released!

New Classic Hard Rock band Elucidation's debut album is now available on cdbaby.com in both CD and digital formats. You may buy digital songs individually, as well. You can go to the cdbaby site by using the direct link: http://cdbaby.com/cd/elucidation, or by going to our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/elucidation and clicking on the "Music Store" icon on the left side of our page. Your support of our band is greatly appreciated. We hope to continue writing great classic hard rock songs, and have already begun work on two songs for a follow-up CD. (The 'Music Store' Icon for direct link to the cdbaby Elucidation site is coming soon to this 'Home Page' of our website.) 

The cdbaby site gives 30 seconds of each song as a 'sample.' As always, you may stream the full songs as either MP3 or FLAC files on our Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/elucidationband; this band website also has full songs available for streaming as MP3s (two on this 'Home Page' and the other eight songs on Page 2 'Song Links').

Elucidation's newest song, the tenth track "Showdown", is about Athena's true life adventure in Baja, California Mexico 'many moons ago'.....This is Hard Rock bordering on Metal; our rockin'-est siong yet! Hold on to your hats! This is the MP3 file version of the song, which is programmed to play as soon as this website's home page is opened. You may also stream the whole song again by clicking the play button in the Icon below.


"No Apologies", another recent song by Elucidation, is an anthem of self-empowerment; about being who you are, regardless of what others think. It features a strong female hard rock vocal by Athena, awesome guitar riffs and cool bass line by Rick, and a crankin' drum beat by David.

            "No Apologies"   
New Classic Hard Rock Resurrection with Attitude

Elucidation is new twist on classic hard rock featuring music composed by Richard Barcellona with lyrics by Athena Vienna. The graphic above, modified by graphic artist Ivan Chilczuk of CD4 Reproductions, is the front cover of Elucidation's debut CD. The first six songs were recorded with Richard playing multiple guitars including lead, rhythm and bass*, and a drum machine (plus keyboards on a couple of songs), with Richard and Athena alternately singing lead vocals. Lyricist Athena comes up with most of the song ideas**; Richard is the musician, engineer, and producer who brings the ideas to life. David Escamilla joined the band in 2010, and played drums/percussion on 'Break From Being Broke,' 'S.O.S. (Save Our Seas),' 'No Apologies,' and the smokin' story song "Showdown," the last track on our debut CD No Apologies.  In order to play live, we had a bass player briefly from October 2012 to August 2013. He recorded a bass track on earlier versions of 'No Apologies'. Since we 'lost him' to his over-demanding job after a little over 10 months with the band, Richard re-recorded the track, playing bass guitar himself like (which turned out to sound better anyway!) For details and the 'gossipy trash', see our Facebook Band Page posts of 9/20/13 and 9/22/13:    http://www.facebook.com/pages/elucidationband.

All of us had a great love of music from a very young age. Richard and David (along with John Keith, who is featured on bass on track three, 'Soldiers Armed with Love') were in several bands in the late 1960's, including 'The Band Without a Name' (Richard & John), 'The American Revolution' and 'Edge'. 'The Band Without a Name' was featured in the "Thunder Alley" motion picture and soundtrack. They performed 'Theme From Thunder Alley' and 'Time After Time (I Keep Lovin' You)' in the film, and their band photo is displayed on the back of the soundtrack album cover. That band became 'The American Revolution', and was designated as American International Pictures (AIP) house band. After leaving the band 'The Boston Tea Party', David joined 'The American Revolution', replacing their drummer. Their main hits with American Revolution were 'Cold Wisconsin Nights' from their self-named album, and 'Nothing Can Change the Shape of Things to Come', which was released as a single only. Their manager Casey Kasam booked them for many live shows. The band toured for over a year and were especially popular playing for several months at a club in Hawaii. After 'The American Revolution' broke up, Richard, David, John form the band 'Edge'. 'Edge' recorded one full-length album and had some radio play, but no major hits. If you do an internet search for their names and/or the band names, you can find some historic nostalgia (David's last name at that time was Novogroski). 60sgaragebands.com has information on 'The Band Without a Name' and 'The American Revolution', although some of the statements made by the band member interviewed are disputed by Richard and/or David. Richard also had a major hit album "Outlaw" with his band Actor, which was released on the Vertigo label in Europe in 1980, but was never released in the US, as Vertigo was bought out. Richard also engineered many band's songs in the 1970's and 1980's.
Athena grew up on 60's, 70's, and 80's pop and hard rock, and started writing poetry at a very young age. Then in her late teens, the words would sometimes "come with music." She would write the words and keep running the melody through her head to remember it, as she didn't play an instrument. After a few short-lasted attempts at collaboration, she finally met her dream songwriting partner (and soul mate) in Richard.
Richard and Athena have been writing songs together since 1995, and originally were going toward a female artist type of thing with their first four songs: 'Spinnin' My Wheels', 'Skeletons in My Basement', 'Space', and 'No Rest or Relief'. Getting married and having a baby and regular 40-hour-a-week jobs slowed all of that down.... Then in 2008, they decided to do more of a duo/group thing, and by 2010, got David to join them on drums! At first they were calling the band "Swift Kick," but before they could buy up the domains, a couple of bands appeared on the net with that name, so we had to come up with another one--so we are now "Elucidation" (meaning to make clear or shed light on, especially thru explanation).

* Exception is 'Soldiers Armed with Love,' on which John Keith played bass.
** Exception is 'Remembering.' Richard composed the music and lyrics, some of which were modified and added to by Athena.

** Song lyrics for 'Showdown' are included on Lyrics Page II of this website. This song is about the first night of Athena's outragoues true adventure story featured on page 6 of this website.

Song Lyrics for seven of our songs are on Lyrics Page I (Page 4 of this website; lyrics for the latest three songs are on Lyrics Page II (Page 5 of this website). Lyrics are also included with songs on Music X-Ray site.

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